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"This mockumentary about a non-existent New Zealand film pioneer and inventor features fake interviews and recreated archive footage that are so effective, many viewers were stunned to learn it wasn't real." "100%" Rotten

"Meet Colin McKenzie. This hitherto unknown New Zealand filmmaker is … (or was)a pioneer of the cinema whose epic vision and inventiveness compel total revision of the history books. Colin McKenzie is a genius of cinema worthy to stand alongside the Lumiere brothers, D. W. Griffith and Chaplin.
Worthy, that is, had Colin McKenzie ever existed.
Colin McKenzie and his remarkable films are, in fact, the subjects of a delightful spoof from New Zealand made by Peter Jackson and Costa Botes.
''Forgotten Silver'' is a splendid tall tale. Like a combination of Woody Allen's ''Zelig'' and Rob Reiner's ''This Is Spinal Tap,'' this rich comedy manages simultaneously to position its hero in the path of great events while sending up its subject, film history, with informed skill, great affection and mischievous glee."
Lawrence Van Gelder, NY Times



Genre: Mockumentary

Duration: 54 Minutes

Extras: 'Making Of' Short Doco, plus Deleted Scenes

PAL, Region Free

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