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In 1976, David Klein came up with the idea of making tiny jellybeans in a variety of shockingly realistic flavors. Thus, Jelly Belly was born, and with the help of an enthusiastic fan in the form of President Ronald Reagen, the product was an instant hit. In fact, it revolutionized the US candy business. The beans became a phenomenon. David Klein, a world class eccentric from Los Angeles, struck gold. But Klein would lose control of the company he started. The decision to sell out was made under pressure, and he subsequently regretted it hugely. He says now, "it ruined my life".

Despite his setbacks, however, Klein remains a force of nature, a hugely intelligent man with a generous spirit. His story - a uniquely American mix of Horatio Alger and Willie Loman - is full of surprises and much humor.

"A real life Willy Wonka tale involving the American Dream, corporate greed, and the enduring free spirit of dreamers everywhere" (Alan Donaldson/Pressplus)


Duration 77 Minutes

Bonus Features deleted scenes and extra content

PAL only, Region Free