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In one of the most crowded countries on earth, a man searches for another man, with only a single name and a decade old memory to guide him. 

"Act of Kindness is a detective story that cracks along at a healthy pace at the same time as cracking open the intricacies and nuances of compassion given and received.

Rwanda has had its fair share of western attention over the last two decades. It’s been twenty-three years since the genocide in this central African nation and yet the country is still characterised in the media by this tragedy. Act of Kindness is a documentary set in Rwanda in 2007 that sheds light on a people that have been rocked to the core of society and have prevailed despite it all. The directors, Sven Pannell and Costa Botes, have revealed a Rwanda that bears the scars of tragedy and yet has grown to become so much more."    

Nathan March, Follow Magazine

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